Horse racing – a sector of excellence

France Galop is strongly committed to corporate social responsibility (CSR).
Our philosophy is based on the respect of ethical values such as making employees aware of how valuable they are, the health of jockeys, protecting the animals, combatting the use of drugs in sport, regular races, preserving the environment and participating in the financing of the horse-related sector across the board.

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France has a long tradition of breeding and equestrian practices. This legacy, of which France Galop is one of the primary curators, can only be maintained if the necessary social values and responsibilities are in place. To meet this need, the company has been focusing on environmental, social, economic and ethical issues for a number of years now in its activities, particularly since these issues have become necessities in the current climate and with other potential obstacles to come in the future.

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Protecting the environment - a crucial issue


Preservation of the environment, resources and biodiversity

International certification

EquuRES certification

High environmental quality

Energy savings

Collecting and recycling

BIOTA project

Organic fertiliser

Pellet fuel heating

Solar panels

Geothermal energy

Soil, water and air quality

Flow management


We aim to have short circuits, consuming food products from within a radius of less than 250 km. We have three main aims:

Reducing the number of intermediate people involved
Limiting our carbon footprint
Working with local producers

One of our commitments – to “consume differently” – is a genuine mission statement. By choosing local products, we can guarantee the traceability of the products and help to boost the local economy.
The result is that we get to rediscover just what our regions have to offer in culinary terms.

Choosing dishes with local, seasonal products is one of our main aims at our racecourses!
Our goal is to get back to a sense of authenticity and offer home-style cuisine that is as creative as it is delicious.


The world of horse racing and breeding encompasses a wide variety of exciting skills.
If you love horses and would like to work for a company which takes its responsibilities seriously, then why not find out more about the future-orientated professions open to you in a dynamic and expanding sector!

Our job offers
Our work experience offers

Would you like to work with horses?
There are many different trades in our sector that are all an essential part of organising and improving the quality of horse racing. Come and join our team of genuine horse-lovers!

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France Galop has been working for the past seven years with other organisations to mark the commitment of the racing and breeding staff who work in the background in our sector, including the Trophée du Personnel des Courses and Trophée du Personnel de l’Élevage awards.

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France Galop is particularly concerned with equine welfare, and supports Au-Delà des Pistes, an official organisation which promotes the retraining of racehorses in France.
Head to our equine welfare page for more details!


If you have any questions or comments :
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France Galop has implemented a forward-looking CSR policy that respects the values of the institution:
– Putting PEOPLE at the heart of its concerns, be it in terms of health and working conditions, gender equality or fair treatment.
– Acting like a SOCIALLY AWARE company, by redistributing the revenue in the form of allowances to those involved in the races, thereby backing a whole chain of excellence, but also by supporting committed companies such as establishments and services providing assistance through the work of associations helping the most disadvantaged members of society or of charitable projects.
– Treating the protection of the ENVIRONMENT as a major issue, by taking into account horses’ welfare, by reducing its environmental footprint and by implementing environmental management systems at its sites while ensuring their sustainable development.