France Galop organisation

France Galop role

France Galop is an association with a public service mission. It organises and regulates the horse races held in France in order to improve the breeding of flat and jumps racehorses by promoting racehorse breeding, ownership and training.

France Galop is under the administrative supervision of the Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of the Budget and Ministry of the Interieur.

Its primary missions are to: set the racing calendar, ensure the integrity of the races, set an example in the fight against doping, contribute to the proper care of racehorses, run the five largest national racecourses (Auteuil, Chantilly, Deauville, ParisLongchamp and Saint-Cloud), and organise large-scale events on these sites, such as the Prix de Diane Longines, Grand Steeple-Chase de Paris and Qatar Prix de l’Arc de Triomphe.

At France Galop, our role is to keep horseracing alive and well.

France Galop Live Role

The France Galop Live brand was launched in March 2023 to shine the spotlight on the racing experiences available to the general public.
The brand represents sport, elegance and spectacular performances.

At France Galop Live, we organise all the horseracing events.

Every year, we host more than 60 race days on our five racecourses (Auteuil, Chantilly, Deauville, ParisLongchamp and Saint-Cloud), some of which are world-famous, as well as 500 corporate events and a series of more family-orientated events. From the Qatar Prix de l’Arc de Triomphe to JeuXdi by ParisLongchamp, we create experiences that ensure racegoers feel heightened emotions.

At France Galop Live, our role is to get hearts pumping at the racecourse.
Excitement at full speed!

Find out more about France Galop Live
Horseracing is a sport, but it is much more than that. It is also a culture of elegance, performance and shared experiences. In order to discover this culture, you have to live it. And to live it, you have France Galop Live!

France Galop Live is designed as a spin-off version of the France Galop brand.

Its launch included a new website www.francegalop-live.com with an optimised user experience and an integrated ticketing system.

Everywhere it goes, France Galop Live highlights the richness of the horseracing world and the diversity of the experiences offered, which can be enjoyed as a family or with friends.
It evokes the thrill of the races, the fervour on the racecourse and the excitement of the events. It is a magnetic field that brings people together and keeps horseracing alive in the hearts of all French people.

With France Galop Live we reach out to all French people and promise them, like our signature suggests, excitement at full speed. To reflect this promise, our visual identity echoes the codes of France Galop, but with an extra shot of energy. The eye-catching lettering of the “Live” illustrates the intensity of the experiences proposed. The free use of colours highlights the abundance of emotions. The images, which are as immersive as always, enhance the fervour for horseracing and the excitement felt at the events.

Our new visual identity is rolled out on our racecourses and at our events. With it, we are able to showcase the diversity of our experiences and transform our racecourses into fully-developed leisure venues.

France Galop Live is an intense, modern and vibrant brand. It embodies elegance, sport and spectacular performances, values that can be found at all of our events and on every one of our racecourses. With this brand, we aim to keep horseracing alive in the hearts of all French people.

Key figures:
– 65 days of events held every year on France Galop’s 5 racecourses
– 400,000 spectators welcomed in 2023 on race days held on the France Galop racecourses
– 541,000 participants in BtoB events (festivals, conferences, seminars, product launches, etc.)



Discover France Galop Live, the immersive horseracing experience. Dive into our world of sport, elegance and spectacular performances. Explore our events and share memorable moments with your family and friends. Experience the emotion of horseracing with France Galop Live!