An exciting, action-packed event!

The Grand Steeplechase de Paris is a breath-taking steeplechase held at Auteuil racecourse.
Its 23 spectacular obstacles make it the most exciting race of the spring. It is part of a full weekend of races that will capture the imagination of any sports fan and is a great way to have fun with friends and family!

See you at the Hippodrome d’Auteuil on Saturday 18 and Sunday 19 May 2024!



Enjoy a day out for the whole family ! Free entry for children under 12s

From €5
19 May 2024 Auteuil Racecourse

Discover the obstacles exclusively from the track !

From €17
19 May 2024 Auteuil Racecourse

Go behind the scenes of organizing a day of horse racing !

From €12
19 May 2024 Auteuil Racecourse

Get a close look at the passage of the mythical river obstacle !

From €14
19 May 2024 Auteuil Racecourse

Enjoy racing action from your seat in front of the winning post !

From €14
19 May 2024 Auteuil Racecourse

Treat yourself to the best view of the racecourse on the final straight !

From €17

Two days of excitement

Two days of top-level sport

May will see Auteuil racecourse host one of the most exciting events of the year.

Open to horses five years and older, the Grand Steeplechase de Paris is a sporting highlight that captures the imagination like no other. It is one of the oldest and most prestigious events on the French racing calendar, and is held over a record distance of 3 and ¾ miles. The horses are faced with 23 obstacles of varying sizes in a race that runs for seven intense minutes.

The weekend also features 11 hurdles races and five more steeplechases.

Make a date in your calendar for 18 and 19 May and make sure not to miss out on this exceptional event!

Get ready for excitement!

Get ready for excitement!

23 fearsome obstacles await the runners and riders at the legendary Auteuil racecourse in what will be an extreme sport adrenalin rush for the best jockeys in their field.

For a total immersion experience, book a tour of the obstacles now via our ticketing section!


Hurdles races involve at least seven hurdles to be cleared. These seven hurdles are identical, with each being 1.10 metres in height.

This discipline features different obstacles (fences and ditches) throughout the course. Steeplechase obstacles are higher and more difficult to clear than the fences in hurdles races. They vary from one race to another and from one racetrack to another.

The unmissable event

All you need to know about this incredible race

7 minutes of intense effort for horse and jockey alike.
6,000 metres – one of the longest steeplechases of the year.
23 obstacles requiring highly technical jumps.
20 horses get to go under starter’s orders and no more – this race is reserved for the cream of the crop along with the most experienced jockeys!
1 winner – who will be enshrined in the pantheon of the Grand Steeplechase de Paris!

The Grand Steeplechase Masters

From late February until late April, there are five Masters races for you to enjoy, culminating with the pinnacle of the sport – the Grand Steeplechase de Paris.

Follow the top runners and riders over three months as they compete in the lead-in races and get the adrenalin pumping ahead of the legendary Grand Steeplechase de Paris, run over a record distance of 3 and ¾ miles at Auteuil, with its 23 spectacular obstacles and prize money of €820,000 euros – the most on the jumps calendar!

A €150,000 bonus will be given to the team (owner, trainer, jockey and stable-hands) of a horse winning two lead-in events and the Grand Steeplechase de Paris. A further bonus of €75,000 goes to the winner of the Grand Slam – two lead-in events, the Grand Steeplechase de Paris and the Prix La Haye Jousselin.

From late February to late April, immerse yourself in the rhythm of four preparatory races for the ultimate stage: the Grand Steeple-Chase de Paris.

Our Free entertainment

A lovely introduction to pony riding!

To discover the world of horses, what could be better than the gentle and patient nature of ponies? Treat your children to a lovely first experience learning about our four-hooved friends, as they stroke them and go for a little ride.

Rides are free and unlimited!

Choose your horse and you’re off!

Hop on the merry-go-round for a magical ride on our beautiful carrousel horses. A sure-fire hit with young racegoers, this attraction is free of charge and children can ride as many times as they like.

Smiles all round!

Admire the champions from up close!

To make their day at the races even more exciting, children are invited to join the jockeys in the parade ring. A fantastic way to experience the thrill of the spectators’ applause alongside their favourite jockeys. Pure emotion guaranteed!

Who will be the champion of the day?

Get your children running along the hallowed turf in our kids’ running race! An unforgettable, fun-filled experience that will see the fastest runners go home with some great prizes.

So, who will get on the podium?

Like a real jockey!

These new-generation rocking horses take children on a magical ride! A safe introduction to horse riding, to set them on the path to becoming real jockeys.

If your children are eager to try this fun-filled activity, bring them along!

Explore our brand-new activity for the 2024 season: Mini-Golf! This playful experience is perfect for entertaining both kids and adults. Come and share moments of joy with your family while exploring the captivating world of horse racing.

Get investigating as a family!

Grab a booklet and embark on a treasure hunt that takes you on a tour of the racecourse! With its racing-themed games, this mission requires all of your family’s investigation skills to solve the puzzle.

A 45 to 50-minute adventure for parents and children!

A fun outdoor activity for kids!

With our bouncy castles, your children can jump, run and roll to their hearts’ content! We pull out all the stops to provide your children with plenty of opportunities to play and relax at the racecourse.

Come and let off steam in the great outdoors!


At our “Blacksmith” workshop, young apprentices are invited to let their creative juices flow. The budding artists can customise horseshoes with ribbons, glitter, ink stamps and many other surprises.
The children will sit at a table to decorate their horseshoes and can take their creation home with them.



On every Family Race Day, a giant horse-themed poster will be laid out for the children. Using colouring pencils, the children are invited to help bring this poster to life.

The racecourse, a playground for all ages!

There are plenty of activities to keep you busy between races: morpion, dominos and memory … A great way to revel in the fresh air at the racecourse with your family and friends.

So, are you ready for a fun day out?

Plan your weekend at the racetrack

  • 12.00pm

    Head to Auteuil racecourse.

    The gates will open at midday, signalling the start of the various activities, all of which are free of charge. Have as much fun as you can handle at the racecourse!

  • 12.30pm

    Feeling hungry?

    Time for lunch at one of the many and varied catering outlets available on-site. Or of course you can pick up a cold drink to sip on while you enjoy the races and the free entertainment.

  • 01.00pm

    Time to get the first race under starter’s orders!

    Every half-an-hour after that, there will be more races for you to enjoy trackside. Sport and excitement for all the family!

  • 04.00pm

    Fancy a snack?

    There is something for everyone with crepes, waffles and all kinds of sweet treats! Check out the various catering stands and choose your favourites.

  • 05.00pm

    Head to the track or the stands to watch the Grand Hurdle d’Auteuil and cheer on your favourites!

  • 06.15pm

    Join us at Karly Flight for a festive musical after-race to round off a great day of sport!

  • 10.00pm

    Racecourse closes.
    The Grand Steeple-Chase de Paris weekend continues tomorrow!

  • 12noon

    It’s the BIG DAY for our four-hooved champions!
    It’s time for the racecourse to open and the free entertainment to begin. There’s no limit to the fun you can have on the racecourse!

  • 12.30pm

    Feeling peckish?
    Choose from the wide variety of catering options available on site to satisfy your hunger. You can also sip a refreshing drink as you watch the races and enjoy the free entertainment.

  • 01.00pm

    The first race will start at around 1pm!
    Head to the edge of the course to see all the action from up close, with races run every 30 minutes. Spectacular sport for all ages!

  • 04.00pm

    The time has come for the main event – the Grand Steeplechase de Paris.
    Head first of all to the paddock to see the runners and riders, before making your way to the track or the stands to watch them gallop past.

  • 04.30pm

    All that excitement works up an appetite!
    Pancakes, waffles, sweets…there’s something for all tastes! Keep hunger at bay by indulging in a sweet treat from one of our catering stands.

  • 07.00pm

    Join us at Karly Flight for a festive musical after-race to round off this great weekend of sport!

  • 10.00 pm

    Gates close at the racetrack.

These timetables are for information purposes only and may be modified at any time.


On the menu this weekend

The Grand Steeplechase is a unique experience – both on the track and on the palate!
Enjoy a lunch with friends, a picnic with the family or snack on the go – you will be spoilt for choice at the Grand Steeplechase de Paris!


Food trucks

Burgers, pizzas, sandwiches, focaccias, crepes, waffles … there is something for everyone at the racecourse!


Le Karly Flight Brasserie

Those looking to enjoy a more gourmet dining experience can admire the paddock from the racetrack brasserie.

Please dress suitably. Bookings are recommended: please call +33 (0)6 23 18 54 50.



Enjoy a tasty cocktail with a seat in the grandstand ! (Cocktail lunch reception, semi-private)

From €239,00


75016 - PARIS

Opening of the racecourse gates at 12 pm.

Auteuil racecourse boasts plenty of wide-open spaces. Watch the horses in action from the various enclosures, parade ring and the edge of the course!

  • Line 10 – Get off at “Porte d’Auteuil – Hippodrome”
  • Get off at “Porte d’Auteuil”

PC1, 52, 123 (every day)
32, 241 (except Sundays and bank holidays)


Using the Waze app
Enter the address “Hippodrome d’Auteuil”.

Paris ring road: “Porte d’Auteuil” exit

ATTENTION: No car park sales for the Auteuil racecourse. As parking is temporarily limited, we recommend that you use public transport to get there.


Auteuil racecourse, a veritable temple of jumps racing, hosts the Grand Steeple-Chase de Paris, one of the most illustrious obstacle races on the calendar. The sporting spectacle is quite remarkable: seven minutes of pure adrenaline, three miles and six furlongs of intense competition, and 23 obstacles of unparalleled size for jump race champions to negotiate.
For families, the racecourse becomes something of a playground, offering completely free entertainment for children: merry-go-round, pony rides…and so many other surprises! It’s a great day out in the fresh air that you and your kids will love.
Put a note in your diary to check out the horses and jockeys – exceptional sportsmen and women – in May at this Parisian racecourse, which is easily accessible by metro. Come and cheer them on!