France Galop is changing pace!

France Galop shows its ambitions with :
- A new visual identity
- A new experiential brand
- A new events and ticketing website

France Galop is launching its experience-focused brand aimed at the general public. Get ready for France Galop Live!
At France Galop, our role is to be the beating heart of French horse racing.
To make good on our promise to treat the general public to some outstanding experiences, we have created France Galop Live, a brand that promotes sport, elegance and spectacular action.  

Racing is much more than a sport. It is also a culture of elegance, performance and shared experiences. To discover this culture, you need to immerse yourself in the racing experience. And this is why we have created France Galop Live.

France Galop Live is designed to be a spin-off of the France Galop brand.

Its launch goes hand in hand with a new website that offers an optimised user experience and built-in ticket sales system.

France Galop Live shines the spotlight on the outstanding world of horse racing and the diverse range of experiences available, which you can share with your friends and family.

It transmits the excitement of racing, the atmosphere in the racecourse, the thrill of these events. It is a magnetic field that brings people together and brings horse racing into everyone’s hearts.

France Galop Live, emotions at full speed.